TV Placement on Friends with Better Lives Season 1 Episode 5

Carefree Latin Memories was placed on the CBS program Friends with Better Lives Season 1 Episode 5 (The Bicycle Thieves). The recording was used in a supermarket scene at 1:30 which is after the opening theme.  Here is an example of how far music can be buried beneath dialogue, laugh track and ambient background foley effects in a scene. The one instrument recognizable at around 1:55  is a vibraphone. According to my cue sheet, the music plays throughout the entire scene. Advance the video to 1:30 if you would like to see the scene.

My Music featured in Greg Sweeney’s Swim with Whale Sharks and Giant Manta Rays in Isla Mujeres You Tube Video. 

The video includes “Wonderful Memories” and “A New Discovery”.

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