TV Placements

TV cues 

From Season 10 episode 17 of American Greed you can hear about 48 seconds of my music just before the seven minute mark. Music starts up with the car scene. This piece was originally titled “A Matter of Time” but was re titled by the music production library to “A Matter of Dying”. At the point in the segment which moves to the court room a shift was made to the end of the cue so the scene could conclude with the proverbial button ending (drop to the tonic). The same cue was also placed in Season 10, episode 11.

My cue Dark Secrets introduces the crime scene in the Dateline NBC episode After the Storm. It lasts for approximately 30 seconds. This same cue was picked up again for Dateline Saturday Night Mystery several months later. The cue can be heard at :07 in the part II video.

Cool School a jazz trio recording has been rather successful for me over the years. It first appeared in the ABC show Revenge on the episode Collusion from season two. You can catch the hotel lobby scene at about 18:40 into the show on Netflix. The cue has also been used in Homeland on Showtime in a restaurant scene in the episode Uh…Ooo…Aw from season three as well as back to back episodes in the Amazon streaming show Hand of God season two episodes 8 and 9.  The latest placement is on the CBS show Bull season 2 episode 18 called Bad Medicine. The very long scene takes place in a bar just before the final court room scene at the end of the show.

Carefree Latin Memories was placed on the CBS program Friends with Better Lives Season 1 Episode 5 (The Bicycle Thieves). The recording was used in a supermarket scene at 1:30 which is after the opening theme. Here is an example of how far music can be buried beneath dialogue, laugh track and ambient background foley effects in a scene. The one instrument recognizable at around 1:55 is a vibraphone. According to my cue sheet, the music plays throughout the entire scene. Advance the video to 1:30 if you would like to see the scene. (Update: This video has been taken down from YouTube). On April 28, 2019 it was used on the CBS new show The Red Line.